Fruits Of Failure

Passion is coming down around youWill you hope or simply fail to?Question I always ask myselfIt’s so boring without health Treading down the paths of forgotten.Brokering all the lies rotten.Stuck between the empty rooms.Offered glimpses at the ever tombs.So let me lie down on the slab.Perfection for the nightly jab.Conclusions which will only fade.My timeContinue reading “Fruits Of Failure”

Summer Rain

The sound of the rainAs it comes down againRelentless in its patterA form of liquid matterCooling to the touchWill not get too muchJust a steady flowThat should never goSoothing to the earsCould listen for many yearsNever be a droneMakes me feel at homeSo listen to the soundAs it comes falling downBut be rest assuredIt isContinue reading “Summer Rain”

Issues In A Vacuum

Right! I’m getting straight to my point this week and that is, this is not the story I was intending to write. Not at all. This wasn’t even a planned story. I sat down with a completely different idea in mind, but when I started writing this is the story that came out. Not complaining,Continue reading “Issues In A Vacuum”

Monster’s In Play

Hi! Story day has come round again and this week I have a story that changed quite a bit from initial idea to final piece. Originally it was going to have another section to it. However, I decided I didn’t like or see the need for that section, so I did away with it andContinue reading “Monster’s In Play”