Faceless Pseudonyms

Anonymous is so incongruous,But is that even right to say?Not sure but I wish it to be that way.Cause too many hide behind a mask.Feels like going from first to last.Lagging at the back of the line.Every word I say be dubbed a crime.With no one real to back a point.Everything is starting to disjoint.JuxtaposeContinue reading “Faceless Pseudonyms”

Eighth Sphere

Reach for Neptune.Scream those words for all to hear.It is all that has to matter my dear. Being fashionable is so contrived.Soon the meteroite will have arrived.Looming larger upon the horizon.No one said that I despise them.They’re just words to drive a wedge.Much rather be descending on a sledge.Down the slopes of brilliant snow.No thisContinue reading “Eighth Sphere”

Haunted Choir

Write gonzo attempting to impress.Reality is subjected to duress.Fabrciated forms supposed to be a line.Next words out my mouth are: it will be mine.Not sure on the liberty of the setting sun.Did one meet two to make us dumb?Personality suggests me to be a liar.You refute the claims from this haunted choir.All are ill andContinue reading “Haunted Choir”

Anathema Disaster

Anathema, anathema;Everything is going faster.Out of control and gaining ground.Will peace and civility ever be found?A guess to no and a bet on yes.Who will be the one to bless?Cast the die and make the call.Someone decides to shout for Paul.I got it wrong it was appalled.Yet again I have been fooled.Baffled by the handContinue reading “Anathema Disaster”


Hashtag another trend.A concept you can’t comprehend.You view this as a cause.Fresh one you want into law.Beat the game and make it stick.Then a new fad makes you flick.Change your focus and your will.Problem that afflicts you still. Hashtag til the end!Artificial in how you spend,Time protesting to the aether.Every word is getting cheaper.No convictionContinue reading “Hashtag”

Into The Flow

Sometimes you’ve got to let it go.Dump it all into the flow.Watch it drift so far away.Ignore all responsibility. Cause pushing on won’t get you throw.Too much action will cleave in two.Fry your head until it pounds.Make you want to burrow underground.Just for a pause and a little sleep.That much action can make you weak.Continue reading “Into The Flow”