Pictured Imperfect

Picture of heresyThe one I keep close to meFree thinking with free thoughtA long way from my last resortUnbridled vision of sad to seeShattered wings carried new diseaseHunting wild with a savage eyeCandies meant to wave goodbyeRising waters will soon claimThe victims unable to exclaimWhirring tones of sullied moonThe dead will be your forever tombPassContinue reading “Pictured Imperfect”

Real Disease

Disease ridden locusts called humanityDo you really think we have superiority?Burning all we can until there is only ashSickening state that we try and crashHide it deep beneath the bloody wallsSad to say you can still hear the crying foolsWe’re all guilty but you won’t agreeToo busy calling for another shot of insanity As apathyContinue reading “Real Disease”

The Road Home

Hi! This weeks story is very different. Not only is it fantasy (OK that isn’t so unusual as the last few weeks have been fantasy too) but also it is not some grand scale tale about saving the world, a species or anything else of the like. Instead, its a simple story in which theContinue reading “The Road Home”

All The Same

No one is innocentEvery one is to blameWe all stand by and watchAnd only speak when we feel shame What a state of madnessHow can we remain?Humanity is so shatteredWe refuse to change Spiralling to disasterRotting at the coreGuilty by associationWe all have failed once more Choosing just what suitsRefusing to admitWhat a fake reflectionTheContinue reading “All The Same”


What the fuck is wrong with you?I scream into the nightYour personality has shiftedWords dripping with spite Looking for a pointless warWon’t listen anymoreChip upon your shoulderSupposed to be getting older Lost your personality and senseIs this supposed to be recompense?Or any you stuck on revenge?What a soul destroying trend Burning bridges with no remorseThinkContinue reading “Singular”

Acts, Empires & Systems

Act of betrayalRefuse to entailSuspect of powerResiding in the towerWatch from on highAffairs in which to pryThis is how it goesSick of all the throes Empire of flameShifting all the blameCorrupt to the coreHistory of goreTurn the land to ashSurvivors face the lashWhat atrocitySubverted reciprocity System of failExpunging all the frailBurn it the groundMake sureContinue reading “Acts, Empires & Systems”

Wings Of Sacrifice

Back again for another story. This week I have another fantasy tale. Trying to do more of them to give myself a break from the Sci-Fi. I love writing Sci-Fi but sometimes its nice to do something different. Anyway, this week its about dragons and their intent to survive. Not going to say much moreContinue reading “Wings Of Sacrifice”

In Your Closet, Under Your Bed, Don’t Be Sure It’s In Your Head

Darkness creeping everywhereAs your foot touches the stairScreeching raw that chills the boneThis place is not a safe homeA monster lurks within its wallsUnnerving as it makes its callsStill you dare to take a stepThe next one might not come nextYou feel the sweat bead off your headFear that you might soon be deadBut noContinue reading “In Your Closet, Under Your Bed, Don’t Be Sure It’s In Your Head”