Scene Of The Time

Bang bang, and then you’re deadGot bullets, shot through your headSad state of affairs, i’d like to sayCause its like peace, has simply flown away You could say free, but that would be cruelLike a body, face down in a swimming poolBlood thirsty, and determined to killHow about calling a pause, to the bill Otherwise,Continue reading “Scene Of The Time”


Asterix next to the clauseGet out that makes it possible to pauseWrithing free of the words deliveredJust another time you slitheredHiding amongst the thinned crowdAlways claiming how you’re proudProfess a line just to hear the cheersNo one willing to call you one of the peersWarped along the common faultHoping something will ease the haltWhile claimingContinue reading “Caveat”

Right Before Your Eyes

Public service announcementVotes will have to go through a recountIt seems some ballots were forgeryWhat a surprise to absolutely nobodyTo make matters worse new rules now applyNo more man hours will be devoted to trySo please be aware that the term is amendedMeaning the present servers period is extended Dissolution of democracyRise of autocracyCan youContinue reading “Right Before Your Eyes”


Creeping down the corridorWill you hear the creek and roar?Nervous as a deer in lightThe darkness might give you frightJust before you turn the bendOnly to do it all againEach step breeds more fearThe pit is growing deeper hereThen a sound does ring trueThat’s when you stop and stewFeel the silence deafeningMaking you want toContinue reading “Recurring”

Blind With Sight

Two eyes can’t see a thingIt’s like no light is getting inSo break the stitches and actually lookIf you don’t then the world will be shookDo you really want that to your name?With it comes every ounce of blameWhat a burden to carry through timeBeing blamed for the most avoidable crime Two eyes that stillContinue reading “Blind With Sight”