Sparkling Crown

Cut your crown into your head.Still desperate to be a monarch.Craving power and riches.What you inflict are stitches.Arrogant and desperate to ascend.No way do you comprehend,See past the glamour and the glitz.Understand that being on a throne has its slips.Try as we might you heed no words.Declared all of others are greedy turds.Adamant we eachContinue reading “Sparkling Crown”

Hunter Hill

Rough around the edges,Nah I’m jagged right through.But don’t get it wrong,I’m still better than you. Sarcastic to the bone,Yeah I’ll admit to such.Though judge me as dumb,I’ll prove to be too much. Stare creeps you out,Well just look away.If you think that’s bad,Wait for the rest of me. Short on my patience,And ready toContinue reading “Hunter Hill”

Sacrificial Totem

Nameless, I walked through the door.No one knows I’m not here anymore.Catastrophe, blamed on a ghost.To this treachery is what the cult did toast.Derided, by a venomous stalk.Soon to be buried under the collapsing cliff of chalk.Sacrificed, no one wishes to admit.Here was the victim they allowed to be took.Stripped, I became barely a memory.UsedContinue reading “Sacrificial Totem”

For The Show

Play the notes one by one.I love where they come from.A wish, a dream, its all serene.Never want to lose this feeling.So I wait and watch the road.Hoping I’ll glimpse what’s showed.Hear the beats and the booms.Feel the rhyme as it blooms.Louder the cacophony,Grand like an ancient prophecy.Nod my head in time to express,Just howContinue reading “For The Show”

No Ploy

Beat the drum and look to the sky.So many questions involve why.Answer them I have no intention of.Preoccupied with smiling becauseā€¦ I’d rather smile than frown.Being melancholy might drag me down.So laugh and feel some joy. Sing to yourself and do as you please.These are little ways to appease.Stay on the right side of wrong.EliminateContinue reading “No Ploy”

Nothing At All

It seems you save depression, stress, anxiety.How about we give you something to help you quietly? I’d rather feel something than nothing at all! But we can make it all slip so far away.Numb your feelings until you can feel okay. I’d rather feel something than nothing at all! We really recommend you let usContinue reading “Nothing At All”

Crooks As Kings And Other Things

Swallow the silence and glare at the moon.What might be offered is the chance of a boon.Can you turn down a gift so freely given?Never listen to the snorts of cynical derision.For what lies in shadow is not that baited in rays.So ignore the chants that you’ll be starving for days.Perfection is impossible no matterContinue reading “Crooks As Kings And Other Things”

Rather Rejoice

Impatience and entropy.Why is this what you feast upon so hastily?Stay your hand and change your route.Wouldn’t you rather rejoice than be mute?And no misery is not company.All it breeds is despair and gluttony.So lend me your hand to run far and free.Laugh like children without a care to see. Silence and uncertainty.Yes they afflictContinue reading “Rather Rejoice”

Crystal Clear

Eyes on the horizon.Sun is still rising.Shining blue crystal clear.As smooth as a mirror. Paradise for my peepers.Too many are sleepers.But I yearn to see this daily.Can’t put it more plainly. Winds picks breaking serene.I continue to feel supreme.Watch as ripples turn to waves.Taste the air as it invades. Tears in my peepers well.Beauty alwaysContinue reading “Crystal Clear”