Ascend The Spire

Climbing up this endless riseWill I ever reach the prize?I cannot say what does awaitMaybe this is a grave mistakeAll while the world is turningI’m unaware of how bad I’m burningThe air is thin and it’s hard to breatheI feel like I might have a diseaseBut I can’t say if that’s trueI just want toContinue reading “Ascend The Spire”

Cycle Of Violence

As the bombs fallPeople try and crawlFlee for their livesHoping to surviveThis is not the waySociety in decayStop the bloodshedBefore all our dead Why is it that we feel such a need?Always have to fight and inflict miseryReign down hell onto the innocentBreed malice alongside contempt March through the streetsBillowing of sheetsCaught in the windBodiesContinue reading “Cycle Of Violence”

By Private Eyes

Lies shrouded in decencyThese are the words spoken to meThen found your corporate structurePerfectly fabricated cultureAll to build a certain type of fameOne determined to place the blameDenounce all with which they don’t agreeSet a stage draped in allegoryWhile shackling those who conformNot freedom but a mass prisonIt’s control and you won’t lookIf you didContinue reading “By Private Eyes”

Will You Know When To Go?

Faster,Comes the disasterDisregard,Is the new vanguard Exploit,Has become the pointTerror,It’s so much clearer Police,Without true peaceDivide,All that is tried Repent,But that is spentVictim,Part of the system Downfall,That’s what will callLiar,Light the funeral pyre Subsume,To build up the tombDevour,Take all the power Intro,But there was no flowOutro,Global death row


Hands are empty and here I standWhat happened to shift the land?One day we were as thick as thievesThe next you couldn’t even look at meRather you would simply glareOr pretend I wasn’t even there You cut the bond and fake you’re cleanAct as though you’re never meanBut finally I have seen the truthRipped meContinue reading “Opposing”

You, Me And It Makes Too Many

You say leave it outBut I don’t agreeToo many times this had happened to meNow the mask is goneSo little remainsCan’t just sit here and gather the pain What sort of person would simply watch?File away all the hurt and the lossI won’t be that guy no matter the dayCause that sounds like being lockedContinue reading “You, Me And It Makes Too Many”