Trapped In A Cage

Hey, its Wednesday again so that means the posting of the second “transcript” of the five. Nothing much else to say here, as I said it in the first part (Souls In A Jar), so enjoy:

Transcript/Lost Diary/Old Fathoms/Retelling/Mistakes and Crime: – Two (2): One (1) Warrior, Two (2) Deceiver – Loki

[1] Why these games?

[2] Of what games do you speak?

[1] You know full well dear deceiver.

[2] I have no idea what you’re accusing me of.

[1] You know full well now dispose of this ruse.

[2] Or?

[1] Or I’ll find your hidden throne and cleave its stone.

[2] You could never find my throne. It’s too hidden for such a drone.

[1] This isn’t funny deceiver.

[2] I laugh not but you are mocking if you think I’ll believe your humming.

[1] No more riddles!

[2] Your commands might be mighty but I am not at all…

[1] Your throne resides inside the redwood on the broken remnants of dreams.

[2] How do you know this? This cannot be, I hid my home so carefully.

[1] Stop!

[1] Not another word, especially in rhyme.


[1] I know this as mocking and I will not stand for it.

[2] Then what do you wish from me?


[1] Free the poor souls. Release them from their cages.

[1] In return you’ll last for ages.

[1] Wait. Why?


[1] What is this deceiver? Why did I rhyme?

[2] You fell into this trap of mine. You shouldn’t have threatened me this time.

[1] Deceiver?!

[2] Enjoy your hell within these walls, for you will never see my halls.

[1] Release me!

[1] Deceiver!

[1] REL-EASE ME!!!!!!!

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