Bitter From Near The Beginning

We had our fun but now it’s throughI can’t even stand the sight of youThe scars on my back speak all the truthThose are marks you refuse to accept as proofNot to say that it wasn’t goodWe both couldn’t stop when we shouldIt’s why we are now at oddsI hate you and you want bloodButContinue reading “Bitter From Near The Beginning”


Strengthen and overcomeListen to no oneEvery obstacle you can conquerDon’t put life off any longerKnives will strike at your backYou don’t have to abide thatPull them free and move onYou are better than all of themPassion of unequaled measureDo the things that give you pleasureWords will be fired at your choicesIgnore each one of thoseContinue reading “Resilient”


More or less is so one-dimensionalDoesn’t take into account potentialTo speak of another in this wayWon’t lead to you getting a sayJust listen and not rabbit onYou might just learn somethingPeople come in myriad formsNo need to decide them right or wrongLooks are only skin deepThey are something you cannot keepPersonality lasts foreverFocusing on thatContinue reading “Superficial”