Tragedy Is Not OK

Assaulted for being a ratThen comes in the baseball batBludgeoned til you’ve no sightSoon snuffed out will be your light What a display that should never ever beTook a life cause it was not as hard as it should beKilled so easily Scream until you’re brokeThen your throat they’ll chokeMake you suffer for being aliveWhatContinue reading “Tragedy Is Not OK”


Patented your own brand of hateAll your words are wrong and fakeSick of hearing you blather onHurry up and be goneNo time to sit and listenYour shining star is still missingSevered your realityJust your presence is draining me Get awayStation not propriety Forging pain with a slip of the tongueFeel a tightening in my lungWhatContinue reading “Salescum”


Changing of a seasonViewed like treasonDawning of winterWind jabs like a splinterThrough the skin it breaks Whiteout of the sensesFilling every one of the tensesAir choked with brittle iceStinging worse than head in a viceNot sure there’s a shelf life Blanket of pearly whiteCovers whether day or nightCrunch beneath every footMirror to an expanse ofContinue reading “Chill”

One And Two Are Too Few

Now is not the time to be stubbornSuch things should be forgottenCast them out into the seaAvert the trail of miseryFrom which problems continue to flowWe all know it to be soThat is why we must try harderSuch a waste to be a race of martyr To polarise is not the wayDoing so might justContinue reading “One And Two Are Too Few”


Pitter and patterThe world a splatterSounds of rainDriving unslainBounce off the wallsAnd the uneven floorsWhile the wind blowsCarrying drops so…They are spread wideNo choice of which sideJust a frequent howlThen a machine gun growlCrash against the paneMore noise againYet somehow it soothesMakes me feel amusedCalm before the stormExcept the threat is goneNow a passage fromContinue reading “Rainstorm”

What Is Faction

Holographic priest with hedonistic tendencyShould there be a tunnel for just you and me?While operations try and breed reprieveStaring out at the galaxy begging to believe Mass production of what we cannot sayBuild the bridge while you restrain decayLattice work of ice twinned with remorseShould we try and fashion new divorce?Instead of simply carving atContinue reading “What Is Faction”