Taste Of Your Own Medicine

And…back again! No messing. Here is the third in the series of five (as it is Wednesday again, after all). If you want the first and second entries in this series you can get them by clicking Souls In A Jar and Trapped In A Cage. Anyway, let’s get to this new entry:

Transcription/Lost Diary/Old Fathoms/Retelling/Retribution: – Two (2): One (1) Guide, Two (2) Deceiver – Loki

[1] Your tricks will be your downfall. You know that right?

[2] Tricks? Me? I’m sure I don’t know what you mean?

[1] Stop trying to play dumb Loki and just be straight for once.

[2] Fine. You’re so boring.


[1] So?

[2] What?

[1] Can you ever answer a question?

[2] I can, but I don’t know what question you’re referring to.

[1] The one I asked.

[2] And that was?

[1] You don’t pay attention either. Great. Too interested in the sound of your own voice.

[2] Only voice that matters to me.

[1] Then I’ll repeat myself and hopefully you’ll listen, deceiver.

[1] You know your tricks will be your downfall right?

[2] Why do you think that?

[1] Just answer the question Loki.

[2] No I don’t think they’ll be my downfall because I am Loki, the deceiver, and I cannot be beaten at my own game.

[1] Really? You’re going with I’m unbeatable and infallible.

[2] Infallable?

[1] You don’t know what that means?

[2] Nope.

[1] Then yeah you’ll definitely get duped one day.

[2] By who? You?

[1] This isn’t a challenge Loki.

[2] You still didn’t answer my question.

[1] Ok, fine. No I have no idea who will be your downfall. I just know it will happen. Your tricks can’t last forever.

[2] You’d be surprised.

[1] Really? You think I’ll be surprised? The guy who accepted fate and thus in doing so can now walk your realms.

[2] They’re not realms.

[1] Then what are they?


[1] You don’t know what else to call them, do you?

[2] Maybe I don’t want to say.

[1] Stop pouting.

[1] But you see what I mean don’t you? Technically you’ve now been defeated.

[2] You care to claim that prize?

[1] I said technically and you know full well I don’t cause you just want to use it as a way of luring me into one of your games.

[2] You are so boring!

[1] I might be but it’s kept me alive and free of your nonsense.

[2] Only cause you’re too dull to try and torment.

[2] I’m not even sure you have an ability to react with that stone face of yours.

[2] In fact, the only time I’ve ever seen it crack is…

[1] Do shut up Loki, you’re giving me a migraine.

[2] People are your weakness.


[2] I’m right. You can’t stand people suffering. Oh this is good.

[1] Don’t push it deceiver.

[2] Oh come now, cheer up. Just because you know you’re beat.

[1] Don’t play this game Loki.

[2] Why not? I love games. Or do you really wish to warn me?


[2] I thought not.

[1] You’re impossible.

[2] I know and it’s why I always win.


[2] Just like I’ll win now.

[1] Loki.

[2] Ta ta. Enjoy your new home.


[2] Wait. Why can’t I leave?


[2] What is this? What’s happening?


[2] I demand an answer!

[1] I told you not to play Loki.

[2] Release me at once! This isn’t funny!

[1] Enjoy a taste of your own medicine deceiver.

[2] Don’t leave me here! Come back! I DEMAND it!

[2] I can’t lose. I’m Loki, deceiver of fools!

[2] This is MY realm!

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