Tricksters Fall

Hey! We’ve arrived at Wednesday, so that means its time for the last of the series of five related weekly posts (If you want any of the previous four here are the links: Souls In A Jar, Trapped In A Cage, Taste Of Your Own Medicine, Curiosity Kills). This didn’t take long at all. Next week we’ll be moving onto other things, but you’ll have to wait for next week for that. So, in the meantime here is the fifth and final “transcript”:

Transcript/Lost Diary/Old Fathoms/Retelling/Games Gone On Too Long: – Two (2): One (1) Deceiver – Loki, Two (2) Guide

[1] Why are you still here?

[2] Cause I choose to be.

[1] But you can move on.

[2] I know.

[1] Then why don’t you?

[2] Why should I?

[1] Cause you’re crushing my fun.

[2] Ever thought there’s a reason for that.

[1] You mean because you’re a killjoy? I know that already.

[2] You might see it that way, but that’s not why I remain.

[1] You’re starting to bore me with your cryptic words.

[2] Why? Sound familiar?

[1] What’s that supposed to mean?

[2] You know full well.

[1] Ok. Then how can I be rid of you?

[2] You can’t.

[1] Sure about that?

[2] This isn’t a challenge.

[2] I’d have thought you’d learned better than to try that after last time.

[1] You really are no fun.

[2] For you, no. But that’s not why I’m here.

[1] Then why are you?

[2] You know full well.

[1] I truly don’t.

[2] Really?

[1] Fine! You broke down the walls of my illusion and did something that no other has ever done. As a result you subverted the rules without deception and now taunt me.

[2] You were right up to the taunt part.

[2] That is not why I am here.

[1] Then enlighten me?

[2] I’m here to educate the souls you have trapped.

[1] To what end?

[1] Do you wish to dethrone me?

[1] Perhaps usurp me?

[2] Neither. I simply wish to let these poor souls rest.

[1] They can rest when they’re dead.

[2] They are dead and still you won’t let them rest.

[1] Semantics.


[2] How long have they been trapped here?

[1] Not sure.

[2] The truth?

[1] Um…well…about…oh I don’t know…carry the one…about four hundred years.

[2] Don’t you think they’ve more than earned their rest?

[1] They don’t know.

[2] That’s not the point.

[1] It’s my point.

[1] Without them I have no games and without games I cannot be me.

[2] Then when do they go free?

[1] When I’ve caught new flies in my web that please.

[2] I’ve been with you for long enough to know that’s a lie too.

[2] You never let them leave.

[1] Then if you knew why did you ask?

[2] To give you the chance to repent.

[1] Repent? I believe in no such notion.

[1] A deity does not sit above me.

[1] I am the pinnacle and that is fact.

[2] Is that your final stance?

[1] You know it is.

[2] Then you leave me no choice.

[1] Choice? What a false belief. These realms are mine and you can only walk them. I can cast you out or keep you locked with them.

[2] Then you might wish to do so before it’s too late.

[1] What do you mean, too late?



[1] Where have you gone?


[1] Where have they all gone?


[1] What is this?

[1] Speak!

[1] The deceiver demands!



[1] Why are the walls so bright? So singular in colour?

[1] Smooth and cool. This is not my world.

[1] Where are you guide? Why are you silent?

[1] Give me back my realms of enjoyment.

[2] No more Loki. No more.

[2] The illusions are gone. They will not carry on.

[2] They were in your mind, but that is all undone.

[1] No. This cannot be.

[1] No! NO! NOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!

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