Decided to add another post just to complete the week. This won’t be a regular thing, but it may happen every now and then.

The clock hand is moving again
When will you stop this thing?
Starting to get the feeling
That you’re just going to be lying
Another line to save your skin
What a sad way of existing
Digging at the borders of everything
Always seeking a new victim
Calls for the rope to be hanging
Fists will keep on banging
Broken doors that you use as a shield
How much longer will you push for others to yield?
A social distortion is your thirst
Out of hell you claim to have burst
But none of it is real
You’re just looking for a line to steal
Another false claim about your life
One day you’ll have to pay the price
So as you recline in your chair
Remember that you can’t remain there
Cause time will stop for no man
And that still counts if you’re a woman

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