Condemnation doesn’t mean a thing
Its just a word for the eternal victim
Masking hints of failed ascension
A race of people too busy fighting
While the elected bicker like children
The act of doing has been stolen

Restraint is just the new surrender
Claiming you are not the pretender
As you wash your hands of blood
How about you act for once?
Instead you bid for re-election
Failing to answer any question

Hands of blood stained all red
Would we notice if you were dead?
Plotting just to grow your wealth
We all know you have no stealth
Saying words you don’t believe
Just hurry up and leave

Retaliation is your cure
Why not just send the poor?
Blind to your own sickness
Would you like us to fix this?
Building up your walls of hate
Everyone is just a failed state

Red tape is your shield
You wield at as you feel
Stealing just to keep your place
Blood flowing up from the graves
Watching we are just as bad
Maybe we should all give up now

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