Empty Words

Hey everyone! I don’t usually post on a Thursday or introduce poems that I post for that matter. But on this occasion I am as I wrote this and felt that it was appropriate to post sooner rather than later due to its content. Also this is the first of two posts today.

Your system has well and truly failed
And the ship has long since sailed
Fumbling in the burning light
Leadership is out of sight
Do as you wish, you won’t amend
Stupidity that i won’t commend
Watching from the living room
Knowing that there will soon be doom
Responsibility washed away
Happy for us to left to decay
Undo all that we have done
Its like you haven’t heard a sound
Screams of loss and misery
Its like we’re not living in the 21st century
No thought before you speak
Change of heart that ignores the peak
Vague to the point of saying nought
You are useless as we all thought
Now get a hold of yourself
Before we all wave goodbye to health

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