Iced Over

The frost crawls across your heart
Never will you admit your dark
Cold to your very core
As you murder and abhor

Skin like ice that burns to touch
You became the murderous
Shattering hearts as you pass
Fatal attraction killing fast

Ice blue eyes that pierce through
Whatever happened to the real you
Turned your back and became
An icy figure of hate and pain

Lashing all that have a brain
Are you coming back again?
Or are you lost to the dark?
Another heartless debutante

Jealous of the latest scene
They all cower as you scream
Freezing solid every dream
You sold your soul for nothing

Picture fading memory
You will age just like me
Selling lies to fashion truth
There is only deception left in you

Stoking fires to win wars
Cast aside what you want no more
But it proves you are a fake
Time to live with this heartbreak

As you watch from your tower
Counting by every hour
Remember that you did decide
To let your heart freeze and die

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