Cutting so deep you see nothing but void
As the city sleeps you dream of joy
A rapture of memory will open its wings
Now prepare for the change that comes from within

Will you ever focus on what you believe?
A glance to the sky will aid in nothing
So you bark platitudes as all do descend
Preparing for the banquet of martyr and friend

Searching the night for a glimpse of new light
As the facade starts to wither and slide
A rose thorn can make no amends
Bring value to the dance that marks out pretend

Ordering the tides to conform and swell
All while you lie about this being hell
Shifted your hopes that came crashing down
You made your bed as you adorned this crown

Bleeding the skies of eternal black
Don’t you see there is no way back?
Speak out the truths before you made lies
Remember the joys that you sold for a prize

So now as you stare at the worlds end
Think on the pact that changed everything
Eyes once open did become closed
This is why your mind shifted to no’s

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