OK, this week there is no blurb post, but there is a bonus scheduled for Thursday. So I thought I’ll put one on Tuesday too.

Do as I say not as I do
But who really are you?
Liar, cheat, arrogant fool
Too busy trying to play it cool
Smug smile across your face
You are an utter disgrace
Cop-out for a fatal flaw
You think you are above the law
Twisting truth and spouting lies
Wonder why you are despised?
Promising things with fingers crossed
Don’t give a damn about the cost
Blatant flouting against whats right
You really are none too bright
Just fall upon your rusted sword
Seeing as disdain has soared
Cause you are now a distraction
All because of your infraction
Sympathy has gone away
You are the issue that should not be

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