All On You

Down you go again
Feeling lost within
Cursing as you fall
Never on the ball
But will you always be…
So falsely melancholy?
Trying to shift the blame…
Onto anothers frame
Or will you finally admit…
That you’re the only culprit?

Caught by the net
Still so unrepentent
As the excuses come
Never an honest one
So as we sit and wait…
You procrastinate
A part of your game…
In which we won’t partake
Its so sad to see…
Your talent wasting away

As you do ascend
It all starts again
Still filled with lies
Never devoid of cries
As you spit and moan…
Into an empty room
We ask one more time…
Stop this pointless line
And instead just admit…
That you’re the cause of it

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