Resigned to the darkness that you love to loathe
Maybe a gun will offer you the choice you crave
Polyester hearts that beat like a worn drum
With tattoos that mark you out as the endless scum
Whispering notes from your own rotten core
You’ve become the hell you swore you’d ignore
As the apples turn to blackened ash
You’re still trying to buy your passage with cash
Swearing that far below you are still the same
While trying to trick others into your game
Blackened eyes that swallow all hope
Who will be the next poor victim that you choke
Fractured face of corrupted misery
You swear you are not the true heresy
But we know the real face that you try to hide
It all stems from the demon that you hold inside
Charred flesh that you mask with powder
Reality is you can’t hide that your sour
Betrayed by your own desire for lust
Nothing will change your loathing of love

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