Standing Tall

I’m back and I’m not going down
Try your best but I won’t drown
Fight through the mud and the pain
Keep pushing until you run in shame
Still with pulse and plenty of might
Have you ever seen something burn so bright?
Well watch me now as I stay afloat
You’re not welcome in my boat
Cause you doubted me and now you see
You should never bet against me
Had two choices and you lost
Should’ve considered the true cost
As I stand among the trees
While you dwell down among fallen leaves
I know you harbour ill intent
But I don’t care what story you invent
I’m too busy with what matters
You can wallow in the shattered
Such a waste of precious time
Still you just want to whine
Too enamoured with my life
Its filling you full of strife
But I have done all I can
And that’s why here I stand
Against the storms that bludgeon through
Weathering all the damage they do
Its why I’m here and you are not
You’re the debris that time forgot

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