Army Of One

Bathed in the brilliance and watched the moon
Whatever you said they’d have labelled you a loon
Heretic to the darkest arts
Claiming every word you spoke was a farce
But truth be told they knew it was true
They just refused to admit it too
So charges were swung your way
They schemed and hoped that’d make you fray

You didn’t back down and relent the fight
If you had your name would never have seen light
Bullying is all these people know how to do
It’s all because of how scared they were of you

You spoke of facts which proved they spoke lies
If that had gone unchecked then the masses would rise
With chants of pain and hatred against those that command
Such a possibility is one they could not stand
So they stripped the freedom from your bone
Then sentenced you to a life of being alone
But the punishment was simply not enough
You denied them their glory filled fluff

So issuing execution was the final card
One that they prayed would make you repent hard
But you committed and saw little too lose
They were shocked by the fate you did choose

Ultimately your life was lost
Though they never considered what it might cost
That is why those souls now sit in ash
The world having accepted your words as fact
Their reigns didn’t last too long
All because they believed they could do no wrong
But for the sacrifice your name will never be forgotten
While theirs have all become dead and rotten

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