Peeled Away

When the victim isn’t quite so innocent where do you suggest we sit?
I feel like running just to try and get away from what feels like a skit
If only this was something that was quite so simple
We could pop it like some unwanted ugly pimple
But reality is never quite as black and white as we’d like to believe
This universe is shrouded in masses of near limitless shades of grey
So look in the mirror and see if you can lie
Ultimately it will all unravel and you’ll ask why
I did too and that’s why I’m stood right in this very spot
I’m arguing with myself about how this is now all I’ve got
I don’t feel pride when I admit that I was a part of the tale
The very same one which is now threatening to tip the scale
Cause none of this was ever meant to go this far
Should have stayed in the back of that dive of a bar
Instead we invented a web of how to rise above the rest
We’d always wanted to become the very best
But at no point did we consider that this might be wrong
Had we possessed a conscious it might have rang like a gong
A warning sign to tell us to quit while we’re ahead
To us that would have been like lying down dead
We refused to relent and that’s why we’re here
I’m the witness ratting on my old dear
That’s why I just want to run so far far away
But this trial will not let that happen, OK
So I admit all the deeds that we ever did
While you exclaim about how I hid
Neither of us can say we do not deserve
But I just want to transition off this curve
It’s why my first two lines were spoken to begin with
Cause I have nothing left in this sullied world that is mine to give

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