Food For Thought

I took a train down to the bay
Can’t say why I went that way
Just felt like something just for me
Cause I needed a change to my scenery
And somehow the weather did hold
I never would have dreamed so bold
That seems strange when I say it aloud
Truth is I’m not that proud
Just a guy living a life
Want no part of pointless strife
Cause days are short and mean too much
Squander them and it is tough
But I digress this is not the point
I went wandering through this joint
A place where I had no worry
Not ever going to say I’m sorry
For I’ve done no wrong by any
And I’m not interested in the many
Just took a stroll along a path
Gave my head a break from the math
After that I felt a new fire inside
Such energy will help me on my ride
The next chapter in my days ahead
Times that keep me mentally fed

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