Rail Against

Rebel against the, confines that are formed
You do not, have to be some pawn
This life is yours, so choose the path you walk
If you don’t you’ll end up down a dead end fork

Break the mold, is all we have to say
If you don’t, you’ll end up the same way
What a way, to spend the time you have upon the Earth
Its like they want to wade in misery right from birth

Shout your wishes, and show no remorse
You will succeed, if you stay the course
Never let the words, of strangers sway you from the road
They are simply jealous of your life and only want to goad

Fight against the, conformity of bonds
These people are, far beyond wrong
Judge a book, by its cover without an ounce of thought
Its why they’ll wind up devoid of original thought

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