Dash Or Line

You can choose to be a line or a dash
Those are your options now decide fast
Cause there ain’t no turning back once its done
Whichever you select is the category you’re in
It may sound harsh but its the truth
I don’t care if you want some proof
Though don’t you think that seems so wrong?
I know you do so just say something
Problem is you never will
Too busy chasing another bill
Now listen in and listen close
This revelation will hurt the most
Cause none of us want to be boxed in
But the choice i offered is a real one
Its the decision you are given every day
The exact one that people happily obey
At no point do most try to rebel
Instead they simply swallow the pill
What a sad state of affairs
Its why the world is in disrepair
So don’t choose a route like a sheep
Because if you do you’ll end up as meat

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