Mistakes And Murders

Rapid fire like a machine gun pop
Just another life that has gone flop
Sad to see but a pretty common sight
Not quite sure why its all fight fight fight

Deep incision from a serrated blade
Folded steel that is factory made
Waste of life but its become the norm
Sorry to say they’ll be a short media storm

Blockading to make a picket line
Protesting about the volume of crime
Look a little closer and you still won’t see
Even as the bodies flash on the TV

Snort a line just to get real high
Not something with which you can apply
As none of these charges will get you a role
At this point you might as well quit though

Are these the headlines that you want to see?
I know I don’t but they won’t go away
The choice is yours and you keep choosing wrong
What is the point in even going on?

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