Playing With Disaster

Its like a house on fire
Its burns with desire
Deep within its core
Its the place that you adore
Sad to say that its long gone
Wish I could say that you were wrong
But when the day did come you guessed right
The truth is I want to be out of sight

Crowds are just not my thing
Rather be sat thinking
Its why I don’t get the hype
About fighting from dawn to night
Screaming, scratching heresy
Just let go of the hate to be
There is more to life than what you’re being told
Those were the words you said so bold

What a ruin that does remain
Feels like we numbed our brain
Twiddling fingers for effect
Can we not get past this aspect?
Sad state if that’s a no
The pile of ash is what we know
But it all went up in the harshest of flames
A sign that we should end the games

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