I let you in and now you won’t go away
What a mistake this was for me
Its why I needed to find my place
Cause I was torn apart by your disgrace

Playing victim just to get your way
What do you actually want from me?
A question to which I got no reply
It felt like you might want me to die

Are you sick or simply twisted?
Those were the words you inflicted
Couldn’t give an answer then
It felt like I’d been stabbed again

A fracture across my weary mind
No part of you was ever kind
Just wanted all that you could take
Sure you were trying to make me break

Those days have passed and I don’t see
How I ever managed to link you and me
You were simply rotted through
Should have noticed that about you

Still you come knocking at my door
I don’t even live there anymore
I spread my wings and flew so far
Don’t want to be part of your dying star

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