Cross the names off of the list
Perpetual state of won’t be missed
Tie the noose around the stone
Send them down to the depths below
One more trick up the sleeve
No one here remembers reprieve
Just an outline etched in chalk
Because of the person they did stalk
Drove the madness right off the bend
Can you not simply comprehend?

Well it seems the damage is already done
Sick of seeing the unending of everyone
Shuffle through the deck of cards
While surrounded by all the guards

A day late to make amends
The cycle is starting once again
Can’t there be a reset to end it all
Begin from a point not drenched in war

A bitter taste in the mouth
It is moving down to the south
Burning out the esophagus
Funeral of the life lost

Batten down the hatches and say goodnight
This is only the beginning of the fright
One more day is not the truth
Locked deep inside this cramped booth

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