Start Again

Before we get into the poem I just want to take this opportunity to wish you all a Merry Christmas!

Isn’t an end just a beginning?
Reach for something that’s worth living
Search the world until you succeed
Ignore the taunts of the selfish breed
They seek greed and devotion
But they are without a single emotion
And you will never need their kind
They will just drag you down to die
So keep your wits about you son
As you carry forever on
Seeking what makes you smile
Maybe even stay awhile
Thirsting on the very core
Whatever makes you lust for more
Without hesitation or a fear
You are always welcome here
For this is life and this is love
And you will feel it from above
The best damn warmth that will ever flow
It is one that will never go
So jump back up to your feet
This end is nothing but the start of a new beat

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