Toward The Light

I need some time and some space
Just so I can get out of this place
To trace back to the very start
Regain a period where I had a heart
Sick of the blame that goes around
None of it will result in a crown
Not interested in the scorn
Pointless that it was ever born
So I’ll dwell until I rebuild
Sure of what I should guild
Rise from the ashes and forge ahead
Not lie inside the blackened bed
Cradling my head full of confusion
None of it will bring a solution
Cause I refuse to lay down and cry
This isn’t the journey of a lie
Staying true is what matters most
That is where I’ll stake that post
Whirl around my inner core
Not willing for days to become a chore
Walked that road and I couldn’t stand
It was never meant to be my brand
So I’ll construct from what I love
If you don’t agree I’ll rise above
Bitch and moan won’t terminate my glow
I won’t let disaster ruin my show

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