Sit upon the eponymous throne from which the light will not flow
A starlight blanket wrapped in the noose of what will not go
I wield the blade of a lost type of shattered tomorrow
While out among the elder trees are the endless borrow

A tombstone with nothing but an empty sarcophagus
This is the moment from which it brings an end to us
Just a thought among the barren sands
Affliction has been wrought by the open hands

Gathered and cast into the limitless void
The new creation of the timeless droid
Spiral out until a brand of conviction can ascend
What a pointless moment tried to comprehend

Weave amongst the lights of a thousand tiny parafin stars
I built a sphere made to break through this state of bars
Process what we cannot fathom to be apparent
It’s like the mass has converted to transparent

What a feeling to survey when there is no chance of getting away
Spinning cycle upon the surface of what will become decay
Trajectory out to the isolated plain
Will the victory to familiar terrain

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