Weave the wire right to the bone
Push it deep but I won’t moan
Paralysed by the words you say
Here lies the grave of everybody
Pushed back until they can’t speak
What a fixture to take this week
Was I supposed to drop to my knees?
Well I’m not being a part of this disease

Pollinating what isn’t worth time
Right before your sentencing line
A crooked smile from fanged teeth
Am I supposed to be thanking you like a brief?
But that comes if I walk free
Not before the end of this long day
Speaking soon won’t stop the pain
That would be me walking in your game

Fashioned from the mouth of doom
Drowning below the surface of your gloom
That’s why I find life so glum
Cause you’re the harlot feeding off the son
With a blade right beneath the skin
You’ll keep going until I’m done in
Just a corpse wrapped in trash
Not a role in which I wish to be cast

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