Stand upon my final place
Encroaching upon what is my space
Not like I can say a thing
Those days are so far gone
And I know you don’t give a damn
If you did you wouldn’t be smiling

Pour out another cup
Every compliment ends in but
Not a shred of decency
Life filled with heresy
With no wish to repent a moment
Words upon which I hope you choke

Defacing what little is mine
To you this isn’t even a crime
The stone snapped in two
And it was done by you
If only that was the end
Sadly it was just the beginning

Days turned to years of disgrace
Less remains than even a trace
What a special vicious soul
Not a modicum of control
It’s why you take the final swig
Then perform one last befoulment

Judgment will come to you
Mark these words you don’t know
Dignity was what I’d earned
So in hell you will be burned
Payment for having never learned
All graves should be treated kind

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