Wittle me down to my constituate parts
As the venom sinks deeper into my heart
A loss is a curse that feels like a stab
Prodding at the exposed centre like mad
So why not let me vent far away from here
In a place that I can call without any fear
But instead the walls seem to be closing in
What a terrorised sequence of unfair spin

Strip me of all the ignorant flaws
The only me that saw the slamming of doors
My face is crushed flat by the pain that was dealt
Though I still continue like I’m hell bent
But as the light is fading to black
I look over my shoulder to see its not coming back
So please set me free from my own crooked mind
Before insanity takes me and forces me blind

Crashed on the shores of memory error
The fear that is creeping will soon be terror
But i just want to sail on my own merry way
No reason to keep trying to restart decay
Free of the cause that some called so just
I don’t feel an ability to offer my trust
That is why I will bow out and go
I have a road that I need to follow

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