Prized Phony

I vent it all but it won’t go down
Feel like my head is being crushed by the crown
Thorns so sharp they tear at the flesh
Not in line to believe I’ll get a refresh
Instead I’ll sink into the shadowy abyss
The one from which came all of this
Cause this throne and all my riches
None of it came from graft and stitches
A few shrewd deals helped me get ahead
All while I pretended to be dumber than lead
Amazing how much people can fail to see
Especially when they think you’re dumb and crazy
Not to say that I didn’t have some help
Made a deal with a devil that was sealed with a skelp
Now you know how it all came to be
Forgot to consider what he’d do to me
Its why my head will soon be rended
For this promise the devil must be condemed
So these last words will make the claim
No one will ever legitimately win this game

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