Bartered And Begged

Patience is a virtue or so they say
Not quite sure why it died today
Feels like a crime might have been committed
Or maybe this is when it had to be pitted
Against the backdrop of the moment of forgot
The point at which the it became a lot
Sold in an auction to the empty room
Taken by a crook who is also a loon
With no sense left except for a bargain
That is why all they do is spout jargon
I’d say it was a shame how it all went down
Problem is not even I want to recall that frown
It was the face of disappointment embodied
A period from which this life became hobbied
Like a fleeting gem lost to the tide
Shrug it goodbye only to carry on the ride
So what is left to say is moot for all
It’s why that virtue has emerged a fool

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