Too Far Gone

Cut away at conviction
What remains is just affliction
Spinning in this funneled space
Unaware of a lack of pace
So kindle fires and build them high
Hope to ascend up to the sky
Join the gods to which you pray
Or do you think that would betray…
A solemn oath taken so young
One spoken by the tongue
The very same that moves no longer
Believing silence is stronger
Even after the disaster
The one that brought it faster
Cities turned to ruined piles
This is part of the trials
A journey to fix the line
If succeeded all will be fine
But obstacles are not that tiny
Many of them can be spiny
It’s why your hands are smothered red
Why you now wish you were dead
Cause the hours are now growing short
And that has caused you to feel frought
Failure looming on the horizon
Beyond the grip to abort the siphon

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