Obscene with the way you live
It’s like staring into the abyss
If walls could talk we’d beg them no
Every detail is not what we want on show
As endings become the way of truth
The book to which you speak proof
Just a smattering of pages
Wrapped inside leather cages
Coalescing without a father
You swear to be a martyr
Jokes aside is your quoted line
Scream it from within the forest of pine
Facing looks of stern intention
What you breed is failed invention
Slithering through the leaves of last here
Hoping that you will bring back fear
What a sad state of affairs to bring
All these scrolls we should sling
Cast them out into the bay
These are words you should not say
But revolt is in your mind
Why you are never inclined
To bring peace instead of war
Sending off the dirt poor
But each one is a life
And they should not be cast aside

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