Tales Of Days To Come

I taste the feast without an ounce of truth
What comes next will leave you shook
A bright green flash did blind my eyes
Then came the figure from the rise
With two long legs and a tiny skull
I couldn’t see a weapon in its mighty paw
Instead it simply gave a name
Problem is, it was beyond my frame
The words were wrong to my simple ears
So I simply stared at the shape it revealed
Then came the clap of thunders roar
I flinched so hard I cracked my jaw
But it was not what I should do
Now it knew I feared it too
Then it exploited my shock with a thought
Mimicking the sound I almost flew
Then the thing did smile all too wide
I shuddered as I stared wide eyed
Was I about to become its food?
I hoped not but I soon would know
When it started to speak in a voice quite low
Declaring that it means me no harm
Before urging that I remain calm
I asked the question that first came to mind
What do you want with my little life?
I want nought but to let you know
Were the words that out its mouth did flow
Time is short and you should repent
I rolled my eyes at this religious bent
But it scolded and demanded I listen
For if I failed this would be a void mission
So I pondered his every word
Though still I found it to be absurd
Then it turned and walked away
Another blinding flash which made me sway
I still don’t get the tale it told
In which he spoke that man would fail
But even so I note it down
Just encase it will come around
And I won’t share anymore
It will only be read if it knocks our door

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