Scale And Prevail

Climb the mountain to the pass
The chilling air is falling fast
Clawing at the skin that is not wrapped
I feel it burning and becoming chapped
If only the snow would just relent
I might be able to erect my tent
By with these winds and my limited view
Trying that would fail through and through
Instead I need a rock in the wall
Cause as the winds are mounting I might fall
If that happens it’ll be the end
No more climbing toward the bend
But whether it exists I don’t not know
Might simply have been a story so
I shrug my shoulders to shift the white
It had piled up alright
Started to chill me more than the wind
Much more weight I would have been pinned
Then I cross a threshold unseen
It’s like the transition of a dream
Some other soul will be left with the storm
I’ve gone past it’s relentless form
It’s why I now can see for miles
And you face is changed to smiles

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