Figurative Ravine

Imperfection is the direction
Much more will breed infection
Build a castle but fail to see
No one can be better than mortality
We’re all the same from birth til death
No point in creating more mess

Just fuel the good and remove the cruel
One and all should be our goal
But obstacles keep getting created
It’s like each of us wants to be baited
Hooked on a line to be carved
Soon all that remains will be halved

Decaying like radiation
Personal entity annihilation
So why not try to change the route?
Before we get given the final boot
Wouldn’t that surely aid us?
Instead of adding to the faithless

Fractured stares across the gap
At this rate they’ll be no way back
What a descent to consider
Timeline where we’re all bitter
Cause what is done cannot be changed
And right now we’re going down the drain

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