In Your Closet, Under Your Bed, Don’t Be Sure It’s In Your Head

Darkness creeping everywhere
As your foot touches the stair
Screeching raw that chills the bone
This place is not a safe home
A monster lurks within its walls
Unnerving as it makes its calls
Still you dare to take a step
The next one might not come next
You feel the sweat bead off your head
Fear that you might soon be dead
But no sounds of movement can you hear
It’s like it just wants you to fear
Have dread and freeze in place
If only you had a mace
A weapon with which to wield
Strike against it’s meaty shield
But you are just a little one
Praying that you won’t succumb
Because the demon will not die
All it does is leave for a retry
But now you’ve left the creaking stairs
You still feel the itching there
Usually it would fade away
Apparently not this day
The switch lies across the black
Convinced if you tread it you won’t come back
So edge toward your planned goal
The kitchen and it’s inviting soul
The place where all the food does lay
But you want none of that today
Instead a drink is all you crave
That’s if you don’t end up in a grave
Then the sound does roar once more
Your heart answers with a score
The rapid thumps beneath your chest
Suddenly you feel its breath
Without warning it grabs your vest
Maybe you should not have dressed
Besides the point as you are wrenched…
Off your feet that were entrenched
A scream escapes to your surprise
No one will now hear your cries

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