I beg for you and you beg for me
Are we that much different really?
Both are right and jointly wrong
Just as we prevail and fail to be strong
Reflections in a non-existant mirror
Reality couldn’t be much clearer
It’s like we are some type of clone
The pair of us even use the same tone

Am I talking to you or you to me?
This has all become so contemporary
We are not related by a single thread
Just facsimiles even in the head
What I think you do too
Or maybe that’s how it is for you
Neither sure how we came to be
The universe is so contradictory

You pray for me but I don’t for you
Maybe there is a difference or two
Devout to the heavens while I refuse
I have never found God to be a muse
It’s a line that neither of us will cross
A point from which there will be no loss
So lets re-evaluate our previous claims
Seems we differ in more than just names

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