Judge by today what came before
I do not condone either or
Stamp out history for its mistakes
How are we showing that we’ve aged?
Still simple children screaming for sweets
Except you want blood for all misdeeds
Must be nice to have never faltered at all
Oh wait you’re ignoring your fatal flaw
But just burn all we have down
Humanity still failing to make ground
You dream too small and aim so tiny
Still fighting over an ancient ideology
Not quite grasped that we’re all the same
As you search for the next name to blame
Pity you’re hate runs so deep
If your words were true then we’d speak
But what you want is another excuse
Your words will become a fad to rebuke
So walk that line and see if it lasts
But I can tell you now the anarchists will laugh
You see you had a chance but now its all gone
Should have followed right but you indulged in wrong
So just remember when its all ash
That you bayed for blood and killed your chance

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