Shredded by a mountain of fur
The act was nothing but a blur
No chance to react or scream
I already know it wasn’t a dream
Yet still I wake from slumber
Sure this must be a blunder
There is no way I survived
Unless somehow I was revived
But that only happens in fairytales
Like the idea that life is on rails
Still I can’t doubt I breathe
A fact I can barely believe
Then I see a mass of black
It gives me a panic attack
So I run until I drop
Upon the ground I do flop
Tripped on some crooked branch
Tumbled like an avalanche
Suddenly I’m hit by pain
Terror fills every grain
Convinced the mass has followed me
I look up ready to plea
But the air is clear of threat
Not something I would have bet
Suddenly I notice the darkened sky
Wonder when the hours did pass by
But such thoughts do not remain
When I see the moons distant terrain
Without thought I howl aloud
A sound for which I feel proud
Then comes a tearing pain
I look down to see me changing
My brain does not understand
Why do I have a fur covered hand?
An answers which I never get
Instead I howl out a threat
No longer man but a beast
I need the aid of a priest

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