Possibilities Of A Future

You think that it’s over
It’s only just begun
What we have here
Is the start of something
A thread that needs pulling
A road to walk down
No point in ignoring
Or you won’t get your crown

Tortoise against the hare
It’s not that clear cut
Don’t place your bet yet
Or you might screw your luck
Cause some things are different
Especially when assumed
That the outcome is destined
Like bodies entombed

Scream and a wail
Not automatic fail
Don’t deem things disaster
Until you’ve heard the tale
It might be an avenue
Like the ones from before
Cause you’re life is thriving
So don’t intend to shut the door

Grow and get wiser
That is the goal
Arise and just be here
Cast out every foe
Rejoice and know no fear
The way to go
This is the beginning
Of your life’s flow

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