Out The Door

You can scale mountains and cut down trees,
But as you skipped out you’re just a disease
Don’t warrant a single solitary thought,
Because all that you did was just abort
Run out the door when you were needed most,
What kind of person doesn’t see that’s gross
Or were you too busy chasing other tail,
To realise that you’d been handed the holy grail

Answer me that
Cause these are fact
True statements here
No one will cheer

You send a little cash from time to time,
But that doesn’t mean they’re doing fine
If you actually cared you would do more,
Instead all you did was run out that door
Leaving them to fight for their life,
Talk about burdening them with a heap of strife
But even if you see now it’s way too late,
Maybe you shouldn’t have decided to date

Answer me that
Cause these are fact
True statements here
No one will ever cheer

Scream to the void about how you’ve failed,
Sorry not sorry there’s no getting bailed
It was a choice and you chose so wrong,
So for that you’re out where you belong
I know it’s cold but you won’t get a hand,
You are the reason that you became banned
That is why you’ll have to live with the mistakes,
Including all the pain that will come with the hate

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