Back To Back

Whatever trouble you’re in, know that I’m coming
You won’t face it alone, don’t tell me to go home
Cause if we need to fight, I’ll be right there
Not lending a hand, just wouldn’t be fair
Now fill me in, on whats going down
No need to worry, I always frown
You know that so, don’t you dare dither
Details are needed, to make the problem wither

You look so severe, like I think you are mad
Got it all wrong, just wish that you had
Come to me sooner, to ask for aid
Not that it matters, cause the debt will be paid
So run through the plan, one final time
Want to make sure I’m certain, about the use of the incline
Oh that is right, ramp of approach
These fools won’t see, before they’re broke

Thick of the fight, and numbers are thin
We’re on the verge of, outright just winning
Then I hear, a call of your name
I pause for second, only to feel pain
Turn of my head, and you’re on the ground
Boil over with rage, deadening of sound
My fists start to fly, then there’s the cry
These fools are, about to go bye bye

Then when its over, I give you a hand
Pick you right up, off of the ground
Ask me how I am, still even standing
Smile crooked, then reveal that I’m packing
A shake of your head, then comes the smile
I shrug my shoulders, then mock I am vile
You burst with laughter, and I follow suit
We are blood brothers, cut the rot at the root

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