Fashioned from the bones of crow
Do you really want me to go?
Then just say the words
Before the return of the birds
Selfish lie is how you like to cry
Another person with a false goodbye
Just angling for a goal
Ready to shovel out the coal
Pity you never thought to look
Instead you just mistook…
Compassion for weakness
Betrayed the new fetus
Wove a seam from ash
Then doled out the cash
Upon the splintered mass
Denying us the pass
Sick twisted life at last
Words you love to blast
While spinning spines
Claiming you are fine
But from the blackened throne
The words begin to moan
Before the dead do rise
The ravens join the flies
So will you finally speak the verse?
And not simply recite the curse
We just want the truth
Not some words wrapped in stolen youth
Simple when you think
You could have changed the link
But you were too wrapped up
Drinking from the shadow cup
Poisoned by your own hand
All an excuse for you to stand
Then begin the cycle again
Using the carcass of men
Born from the heart of bile
The ever present skeletal pile

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