Horror Story

Waiting for the phone to ring
When I hear a sound go ping
Piques my interest and I need to see
What it was that made that sound today
Was it just in my head?
Not something I would have said
There is a chance I have gone mad
If that’s true that would be bad
But a feeling tells me no
Not sure why I feel the need to believe it though
And after moments have gone by
I feel the need to shrug and sigh
Then return to what matters most
Waiting for that phone to boast
Blare its sound oh so loud
Make me jump, for which I’m not proud
But this call might change my life
Then comes the slashing of a knife
Ill-aimed it misses the mark
Still it cleaves open a part
Of my skin and reveals the blood
It pours forth like a flood
Gasp aloud and recoil back
Wondering why I’m under attack
Only for my eyes to go wide
When I realise I’m trapped inside
And that I have a killer in front of me
Clearly on a murder spree
Jumping back I can’t quite tell
How I can sound the bell
Stupid that I left the phone
I could have used it to make it known
That some villain wants my hide
And I really want to survive
Instead I race too the door
Only to find it nailed to the floor
Panic mounts to all new levels
By this house frequented by devils
But when I turn I react too late
And end up sealed with grizzly fate

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