Haiku 2

Wrote these about a year ago (after playing Ghost Of Tsushima, which is a fantastic game by the way). Decided I’d post them because why not.

When you are at war
Honour is a privilege
Survival is not

Watch the river flow
Down to that place you would go
Never been there though

Life is like a clock
Never does it truly stop
It just goes tick tock

Stare at the blue sky
Wonder if the day will die
Then wave it goodbye

Pick at the hard scab
Memories of what you had
Fleeting like the jab

Death is like a dream
In it you might hear a scream
Tear out the old seam

Rotting in the ground
All because you were too proud
Lust became your shroud

Worming up the wall
Looking for a line to pull
Before the final call

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